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Communicate Care Cure, 3e

By: Thomas

ISBN13: 9789389335545

Description : This book aims to increase awareness about the importance of communication in health care. Written by healthcare professionals and communication experts, it is replete with real-life scenarios that readers can identify with, and will serve as a guide to effective and efficient communication that affects the most important stakeholders in health care – the patient.


Basics of Medical Physiology for Nursing Students, 5e

By: Venkatesh

ISBN13: 9789389335408

Description : This book explains the basic concepts of medical physiology in a clear and concise style. The fifth edition presents revised and updated text with numerous new diagrams. The Applied Physiology aspect has been suitably emphasized.

Cover image of LANGMAN’S MEDICAL EMBRYOLOGY , South Asia Edition



ISBN13: 9789388696531

Description : Learning Objectivesthat highlight the coverage of the chapter vis-à-vis the new competency-based curriculum• Clinical Correlates boxesthat connect clinically relevant content to case-basedscenarios students may encounter in practice.Newer Clinical correlation has been added as well as updated from the view point of examination and usefulness in clinical practice.• Many Figures relabelledtodepict a clear relationship between text and supporting figure. • New diagrams, and clinical images added, in addition to the already existing 400+ full-colorillustrations to clarify key mechanismsof embryonic development and facilitate learning


GRANT'S DISSECTOR , South Asia Edition

By: Gunapriya, Jyoti

ISBN13: 9789388696524

Description : Dissection Overviews include numbered, step-by-step instructions to guide youthrough relevant surface anatomy and osteology. Dissection Instructions Each step is carefully worded to clarify andimprove the dissection experience. • More than 30 summary tables provide an excellent review resource and makethe dissection steps more task-oriented and concise. • Dissection Follow-up sections contain a numbered list of tasks to performfollowing the dissection.


Histology: Text & Atlas (with Point Access Codes)

By: Kumar

ISBN13: 9789388696548

Description : • Crisp, bulleted text for quick and easy understanding• Well-labelled, hand-drawn, coloured diagrams of histological slides to enable identification andreproduction in the practicals• Line diagrams and three-dimensional illustrations with detailed labelling to further supportunderstanding and retention• Clinical correlates throughout the book to build on the importance of histology in thediagnosis and pathogenesis of diseases• Key points at the end of each chapter to assist a quick revision of the topics


Textbook of Medical Physiology, 2/e

By: Venkatesh

ISBN13: 9789387963535

Description : Covers all topics in physiology, as outlined by the MCI, with focus on basic principles and clinical correlations;Well-labeled diagrams to clarify the basic concepts and facilitate learning • Flowcharts and tables for easy understanding of various mechanisms at a glance•  Useful and relevant clinical notes explaining physiological principles underlying various diseases•  Provides an extensive question bank at the end of each section, which includes long and short answer questions, to facilitate self-study• Large number of MCQs at the end of the book to help students prepare for entrance examinations• Clinical Cases• An ideal text for medical students. 


Paediatric Critical Care Manual

By: Kamath

ISBN13: 9789387963252

Description : Presentation of chapters in a simple, concise and sequential manner with emphasis on the basic sciences to understand the concepts applicable in various clinical situations. Includes recent advances in the field of paediatric critical care. Algorithms for quick recapitulation of the topic. Topics of special interest include those on post-transplant care, mechanical ventilation in children (including disease-specific ventilation and physiologically difficult airway), monitoring in PICU (including use of USG in critical care), healthcare-associated infections and antibiotic resistance. A separate section on the commonly done procedures in PICU, with stepwise description and diagrams for better understanding. Commonly used formulae and charts presented in the Appendices at the end of the book as a ready reckoner.


Basics of Medical Physiology, 4/e

By: Venkatesh

ISBN13: 9789387506534

Description : Simple and easy-to-understand language; Large number of reproducible diagrams and Ideal text for review and exam preparation

Cover image of Neuroanatomy for Medical Students

Neuroanatomy for Medical Students

By: GP Pal

ISBN13: 9789387506800

Description :  The books presents neuroanatomy in a simple, to-the-point format. The text is richly supported by  illustrations, facilitating  clarity and understanding. It covers the topics in appropriate depth to suit the knowledge need of the undergraduate medical students.


TARGET AIIMS PG Entrance, 1/e

By: Jeyaraman

ISBN13: 9789387506527

Description : Target AIIMS PG Entrance presents comprehensive material for theentrance examinations of AIIMS. The material is prepared after a thorough scanning of the latest textbooks, journals and research.


Standard Treatment Guidelines - A Manual Of Medical Therapeutics, 5/e

By: Sharma

ISBN13: 9789387506398

Description : To guide you in identifying and treating commondisorders, Delhi Society for Promotion of RationalUse of Drugs (DSPRUD) and Wolters Kluwer Healthhave published this fifth edition of StandardTreatment Guidelines. This clinically oriented textcovers around 330 priority diseases in 11specialties, focusing on clinical manifestations,patient management and patient education. Inthis edition, many more priority diseases havebeen added, besides substantive revisionreflecting therapeutic advances. Dermatologysection has colour photographs.A large number of experts have contributed in thisbook to help solve the problems you encounter ineveryday practice. The book is user friendly andprovides a stepwise up-to-date treatmentapproach for busy practitioners as well as internsand residents, leaving more time to establishaccurate diagnosis and communication with thepatient.This book offers expert information you can useimmediately in your clinical practice. A busyclinician can thus make an informed, effectivepatient management decision for different levelsof health care, from primary health care todetailed protocols for tertiary care health centres


Textbook of Obstetrics 2/e

By: Padubidri

ISBN13: 9789387506152

Description : Second Edition of this textbook is specially designed to keep in mind updated MCI syllabus and industry trends with flowcharts, tables, boxes and diagrams specially emphasizing the topics that are important


Reviews in Neurology 2017 Cognition and Neurology


ISBN13: 9789386691217

Description : Reviews in Neurology is the CME Proceedings of Indian Academy of Neurology Annual Conference 2018. The theme for this year has been chosen as “Myelin”.


Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing and Healthcare stu- dents, 3/e

By: Joshi

ISBN13: 9789351298267

Description : The book Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing and Healthcare describes the anatomy and physiology of human body in an easy to understand language for students of nursing and allied paramedical courses. The subject is covered in 19 chapters. The second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated as a result of feedback received from teachers, students and recent advances in the subjects.


Essentials of Anatomy for Dentistry Students, 2/e

By: D R Singh

ISBN13: 9789351296201

Description : A comprehensive anatomy book exclusively for dental students


Textbook of Medical Biochemistry, 2/e

By: Chawla

ISBN13: 9789351298250

Description : The second edition of the book has been carefully pruned to suit the needs of undergraduate medical students in an aim to make them understand the biochemical concepts rather than memorizing them. The illustrations have been made instructive and visually appealing. Chapter summary and the review questions at the end of each chapter provide an opportunity for the students to revise and evaluate their understanding of the topics discussed. Applied, important and interesting concepts have been put into boxes to make them attractive for the students. Supplementation of the reading material with the clinical case studies is an effort to make the subject relevant to medicine and to introduce the students to the clinics.Key Features:·         Chapters begin with a background and give interesting facts about the topic·         Mechanism of action of enzymes, biological oxidation, inflammation, cancer and immunology has been detailed as compared to other books·         More new information in the form of tables and boxes·         Updated information on clinical correlations/applied aspects including case studies in the Appendix·         Language easy to read and remember·         Representation of text in diagrams and presentation in boxes and screens helps in better understanding and retention of knowledge·         Complete in all its form covering all theory topics of various universities under MCI


Fundamentals of Periodontology

By: Singhal

ISBN13: 9789351298175

Description : Fundamentals of Periodontology is a comprehensive, up-to-date, and user-friendly textbook designed to provide undergraduate students a platform to prepare foracademic and competitive examinations as well as help busy dental cliniciansupgrade their knowledge and give their patients the highest level of periodontalcare.


Educational Technology: Integrating Innovations in Nursing Education

By: Ezhilarasu

ISBN13: 9789351297222

Description : Teaching skills are critical to nursing profession and use of educational technology becomes an important medium to impart the skills. This also promotes students and learning. On the other hand, innovations that suit today and learners are essential to enhance and sustain the students and interest and understanding. Keeping in mind these basic principles, this book has been authored by one of the most senior and experience teacher. The BSc Nursing syllabus by INC forms the basis for content selection of the book. Simplicity, clarity and logical presentation are distinct hallmarks of the book. Chapter outline, objectives and summaries together with tables, figures, examples and graphic materials in every chapter guide the readers throughout the book.


Concise Textbook of Obstetrics, 2/e

By: Chattopadhyay

ISBN13: 9789351297215

Description : The Second Edition presents the revised and updated text with many new illustrations. It suitably incorporates newer knowledge on the subject, including the current methods of clinical practice. The text is written in a simple language with clarity and brevity. Structured around five broad sections:Normal pregnancy and disorder of pregnancyNormal labour and disorders of labourNormal puerperium and abnormal puerperiumMedical and surgical disorders of pregnancyOperative obstetrics. Includes three new chapters: Minor Disorders in Puerperium, Breast Complications and the New born Additional updated evidence-based information provided in a Question-Answer format as Addendum for clinical learning and viva-voce examination. Text given in a point-wise manner with an ample number of illustrations, figures, tables and flowcharts. Long and Short questions provided at the end of the book for self-evaluation.


Ambika Shanmugam’s Fundamentals of Biochemistry for Medical Students, 8/e

By: K. Ramadevi

ISBN13: 9789351296829

Description : This book is meant for students of medical sciences. The details are presented in a clear and simple form, maintaining uniformity in presentation of metabolic reactions in all chapters. Emphasis is laid on the integration and regulation of the various aspects of metabolism in appropriate places, in a student-friendly manner. Care has been taken to keep the subject clinically oriented by providing clinical discussions wherever necessary. As an aid to learning, the book carries to the-point discussions and an adequate number of flowcharts. The students of medicine and allied health courses using this book will find biochemistry interesting and easy to follow. Advanced students of biochemistry and medicine will also find this book useful as a ready reckoner.


Textbook of Microbiology, 3/e

By: Vasanthakumari

ISBN13: 9789351296508

Description : This book fulfils the requirements of undergraduate medical students as per MCI recommendations. It covers the subject in five sections: General Microbiology, Immunology, Systemic Microbiology (includes Bacteriology, Virology and Mycology), Clinical and Applied Microbiology, and Parasitology. This edition is a thoroughly revised and updated version of the second edition.




ISBN13: 9789351295747

Description : Lippincott Manual of Medical-Surgical Nursing Adaptation of Nettina: Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, 10/Suresh K. Sharma This book is south Asian adaptation of Nettina: Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, 10/e. Customized as per the General Nursing Midwifery curriculum prescribed by Indian nursing council (INC). It not only provides but establishes authentic content of international standard but also caters to the specific curriculum requirement of nursing student of India.


Microbiology for Nurses, 3/e

By: Nagoba

ISBN13: 9789351296270

Description : from a fertilized ovum (zygote) to a mature individual.


Sociology for Health Professionals, 2/e

By: Pandit

ISBN13: 9789351295761

Description : Sociology for Health Professionals, 2nd edition is written in student friendly language and their relevance to healthcare is stressed to make the subject interesting to students of all healthcare discipline. Required illustrations and tables have been provided for easy understanding. Some of the important topics in the revised edition include role of social factors in health and disease, epidemiology in relation to sociology and clinical medicine, role of society in health generating activities, hazards of urbanization and their impact, role of cultural factors in health and diseases, social problems, social security and social insurance, and doctor-patient relationship and sick role, etc.


Turek’s Orthopaedics Principles and Their Applications, 7/e, 2 Vol Set

By: Anil K. Jain

ISBN13: 9789351295105

Description : This edition ’s chapters on regional disorders have separate adult and pediatric sections and include sports medicine information and reviews of anatomy. Coverage of each disorder includes more details on treatment and prognosis. This edition also provides expanded coverage of molecular orthopaedics, biomaterials, orthotics and prosthetics, diagnosis by physical examination, commonly ordered laboratory tests, rehabilitation, biomechanics, principles of fractures, osteoporosis, overuse syndromes and Achilles tendon rupture.

Cover image of Biochemistry for Dental Student, 2/e

Biochemistry for Dental Student, 2/e

By: Sharma

ISBN13: 9789351294757

Description : A comprehensive text book by Wolters Kluwer Lippincott covering all key features that are very helpful for the medical students.


Public Health Approaches to Non-Communicable Diseases

By: Thakur

ISBN13: 9789351294412

Description : A comprehensive text book by Wolters Kluwer Lippincott covering all key features that are very helpful for the medical students.


Grossman’s Endodontic Practice, 13/e

By: Suresh Chandra

ISBN13: 9788184739176

Description : It incorporates the changes that have occurred in endodontic theory and practice in terms of materials, concepts, and protocols. The presentation of the concepts and techniques has also been revised.


Molecular Medicine Demystified

By: Moorchung

ISBN13: 9788184738193

Description : This book explains the basic concepts of macromolecules and describes the different molecular biology methods which are used in laboratory practice. It explains the practical utilities of these techniques and their use in day-to-day practice and research. It has a large number of illustrations and real life examples which would be of interest to doctors.The book is meant for undergraduate and post graduate students who want to comprehend the basic concepts of molecular biology before moving on to more advanced textbooks. It will also serve as a comprehensive textbook for practicing doctors in various specialities who are interested in molecular biology.


Cases in Hepatobiliary & Pancretic Imaging

By: Arora

ISBN13: 9788184739190

Description : This succinct book presents a thorough review of a large number of common as well as challenging&nbspcases relating to hepatobiliary and pancreatic disorders. Each case is systematically organized in&nbspterms of symptoms, radiological findings, clinical correlation, and diagnosis and management.


Essentials of Preclinical Conservative Dentistry

By: Singh

ISBN13: 9788184739206

Description : This book comprehensively covers the course on Preclinical Conservative Dentistry as prescribed to second-year BDS students. The text is written in a simple and clear style with numerous photographs and line diagrams for easy understanding. The guidelines provided will subsequently enable the students to manage their patients most effectively.

Cover image of Boyd’s Pathology, 10/e Vol. 1 (General Pathology)

Boyd’s Pathology, 10/e Vol. 1 (General Pathology)

By: Bhardwaj

ISBN13: 9789351290285

Description : Boyd's Textbook makes pathology easy to understand and interesting to learn through its unique and inimitable style of presentation. This is a friendly and standard text that has served the needs of many generations of students and faculties across many countries. The Tenth Edition retains the original style and flavor of &quotBoyd&quot while presenting a contemporary and updated exposition of pathology.


Best & Taylor’s Physiological Basis of Medical Practice, 13/e with thePoint Access Scratch Code

By: Tandon

ISBN13: 9788184731927

Description : The thirteenth edition of this classic text continues and further enriches the rich legacy of the previous editions. In a clear and authoritative style, this edition explains the basic principles of physiology while emphasizing their clinical significance in day-to-day medical practice.